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Is a cover letter really needed today? Absolutely! Many companies still require a cover letter to accompany the résumé.  Some hiring managers have commented that a well-written cover letter has and can make a difference in hiring decisions. Presenting an engaging cover letter gives candidates a winning edge. "Write a stunning cover letter that gets you the interview!" provide learners the needed tools to write an intriguing cover letter – one that peaks the interest of the reader. 

This course is for the learner who gets stuck when figuring out what to include in their cover letter. This course helps the learner use their own accomplishments to form a connection with the company. After all, it’s all about how the candidate can help the company. Your cover letter should tell them "What’s in it for them" if they hire you. 

This course teaches the simplest concepts to creating a powerful, stunning letter that you can be proud of and that will help get you the interview.

Over 25 minutes of lectures and bonuses to provide everything needed for a stunning cover letter! Are you tired of trying to figure out what to include?  This course is the answer. Let’s get started! 

President and CEO NetKi Enterprises, LLC

Nanette Kirk

Hello! My name is Nanette Kirk. I began writing resumes in 1998. Not professionally at that time, but as a necessity. My inspiration came after being down-sized in 1998 when the consumer products company I worked for was sold to a competitor. Fortunately, as a part of the severance package, I utilized the services of a professional outplacement company. The resume produced from skills learned from the outplacement company quickly enabled me to secure several diverse opportunities. I was absolutely amazed at the results! I was offered multiple positions and accepted a distribution management position for a well-known retailer. Inspired by my own results, I began writing resumes for family and friends who also realized positive results. I later began writing professionally in 2003.From a hiring perspective, I quickly realized it was often challenging to find the right candidate. I often wondered how many great candidates were missing the chance to interview because their resume failed to reflect their talent and experience. I realized I had identified an opportunity to help hiring companies and job-seekers. In 2003, NetKi Enterprises was born as a sole proprietorship. I wrote resumes part-time while I continued my management career. In 2013, after almost twenty years in management, I decided to go into business full-time and established NetKi Enterprises, LLC. Since then, I have written resumes for clients across many industries, helping them build confidence and realize new careers and positions. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me. I would love to hear how we were able to help you!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and KNOW the basics of writing the cover letter

    • Introduction and KNOW the basics of writing the cover letter

    • QUIZ: Test What You Know! - KNOW Phase.

  • 2

    PREP: Doing Research and Building Lists to Form a Connection

    • PREP: Doing the Work to Form a Connection

    • Quiz! Test What You Know! - PREP

  • 3

    CREATE: Write A Stunning Cover Letter!

    • CREATE: Write A Stunning Cover Letter!

    • QUIZ: Test What You Know! - CREATE

  • 4

    Extras For You!

    • BONUS: How To Write a FANTASTIC Accomplishment Statement!

    • Extras For You. Worksheets and Templates to Make It Easier!

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